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Retaining Walls

Like water, earth and soil naturally moves and to avoid possible irrecoverable damage to your home or garden and keep your landscape intact, walls made of stone, concrete or timber for example, are needed to retain the soil and control movement.

Homes in Hills area Sydney, often built on slopes or with sloping yards, need flat surfaces to be created for gardens, driveways or landscaping and a result will be one or more retaining walls.

Local knowledge of the soil, landscaping expertise and a creative approach are favourable even for a small garden retaining wall. Competitive Paving & Landscaping deliver a complete and professional service, building engineered retaining wall across the Hills area, Sydney.

Competitive Paving & Landscaping have experience in all types of local soil from loose sand to compacted clay and know how to build a retaining wall that will work for you functionally and aesthetically. Whether building a concrete retaining wall, stone wall, treated pine sleeper or brick retaining wall, we build walls for the long term.

Residential retaining walls can be beautiful as well as functional but a faulty retaining wall design can have a disastrous, expensive and even a dangerous effect.

In assessing options for your retaining wall design, Competitive Paving & Landscaping will determine the best method for building your retaining wall.

Some examples being dry stack, mortar, gabion, palisade and cantilever. Posts, wire mesh, interlocking bricks, stones, timber or mortar may be involved in the construction. Wood, timber or treated pine sleeper retaining walls can be used to create horizontal lines and warm tones, stone walls can have a solid dramatic look. And as retaining walls are perfect as feature walls, the design may include stonework, planting and soft scaping to compliment your home. Competitive Paving & Landscaping retaining walls provide many benefits – they create usable space, are a landscape feature and adds value to your home.


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