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At Competitive Paving & Landscaping Our team is thorough in all aspects of paving from the planning and design, supply and installation through to the final finish. Well established Hills paving co provides all types of paving including driveways, pool surrounds, alfresco paving, block and brick paving, and crazy paving.

With our knowledge and experience in sourcing the best local and imported materials available for homes our team utilises a full range of brick, concrete and natural stone pavers, paving slabs and blocks to create paving that is both functional and beautiful.

The benefits of paving are numerous but quantity is only ever outweighed by quality. We excel in maximising the benefits of paving to our clients, whether paving a driveway or paving alfresco area or pool surrounds.

As an addition to an existing landscape, paving can transform and highlight your home. In building a new home or renovating, well planned paving can provide the functional base of your overall landscape design. Whatever your scope, budget and requirements, competitive Paving & Landscaping can pave a way towards your landscaping vision.


Concrete pavers are available in a variety of colours, shapes and sizes, giving the home owner plenty of choices to create a unique driveway that complements their house and landscape.

Villastone & Adbri masonry and many more have a large range of pavers to suit the entertainment area, pool areas and courtyards, small pavers to suite driveways and pathways.


Competitive Paving & Landscaping are experts in driveway design and installation. We are skilled in creating paver driveways with any suitable materials including concrete pavers, brick pavers and stone pavers. Driveways need to be strong, durable and functional for longevity and safety.

As the main entrance to your home, your driveway is one of the most important installations on your property as well as potentially a beautiful feature. Driveways are designed to achieve not less than both of these results.


Families in Australia all love our pools. We are also aware of pool safety and although pool fencing is given due consideration, pool coping or pool edging also needs specific and careful attention.

Installed around the immediate perimeter of your swimming pool, safety is the top priority in pool coping. Where fences create an effective boundary around your swimming pool area, pool coping installed by Competitive Paving & Landscaping provides secure protection in getting in and out of your pool.

As a safety measure, the benefits of pool coping are obvious but other benefits include extending the life of your pool by the way of providing a protective border, enhancing the beauty of your pool.


The practical benefits of brick pavers are well known with some of their main applications being driveways, alfresco paving and paths. Brick paving last a lifetime, is low maintenance, highly durable and strong and has long term cost benefits.

With endless possibilities, brick pavers are one of the best and most utilised types of pavers for homes in Sydney. Mainly made from clay or concrete, there are many types of paver selections such as Austral pavers, Boral pavers, Clay pave, PGH, second hand common bricks, Namoi valley bricks. Colours vary greatly from light to dark creams, browns, reds, charcoals and greys, sand and gold selections to describe a few.


Is a beautiful and popular choice, unlike manufactured concrete and brick, these types of stone naturally occur in quarries and so each have uniquely different qualities.

With immense variations in colour, texture, shapes and density, their natural beauty makes them a highly favoured paving stone for all types of residential paving and landscaping. Strong and durable, stone paving is excellent for driveways, pool and alfresco areas, paths. Eg Travertine,Himalayan sandstone, Granite, Blue stone, Quartzite, Limestone.


Outdoor areas and backyards in the Sydney Hills area can face some harsh weather at times and your alfresco landscaping needs to be able to stand up to this. Not only that, you want it too look good too!

Sydney’s weather can be all over the place, as those of us that live here know, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on a great outdoor lifestyle at home. A comfortable and weather protected area can be integrated in your home, expanding its functional aesthetic and market value. Start by laying alfresco paving.

Competitive Paving & Landscaping’s team can provide the perfect alfresco paving for your courtyard, patio, pool or BBQ area, as professional in outdoor paving, we know how to utilise the best alfresco pavers to benefit your outdoor entertainment ideas. With a wide range of local and imported products available in a huge range of colours, sizes, textures and designs, alfresco pavers come in many materials, including brick, granite, concrete, limestone, sandstone, travertine and bluestone. Natural stone pavers are very popular as are concrete and clay pavers.

As well as the colours and design, Competitive Paving & Landscaping look at the technical aspects, functionality and practicality of the pavers. Patio and courtyard pavers need to be hard wearing to handle the heavy traffic and usage that comes from frequent use and weather exposure – quality and durability are the key factors in choosing the best pavers for your alfresco areas. Being low-maintenance is also a plus. The benefits of alfresco paving are ongoing and include maximising your space, adding value to your property and increase the quality of your lifestyle at home. Competitive Paving & Landscaping will advise you on the best alfresco pavers available within your budget and will lay an integrated design to match the use, layout and over all look you want for your alfresco paving.


Like water, earth and soil naturally moves and to avoid possible irrecoverable damage to your home or garden and keep your landscape intact, walls made of stone, concrete or timber for example, are needed to retain the soil and control movement.

Homes in Hills area Sydney, often built on slopes or with sloping yards, need flat surfaces to be created for gardens, driveways or landscaping and a result will be one or more retaining walls.

Local knowledge of the soil, landscaping expertise and a creative approach are favourable even for a small garden retaining wall. Competitive Paving & Landscaping deliver a complete and professional service, building engineered retaining wall across the Hills area, Sydney.

Competitive Paving & Landscaping have experience in all types of local soil from loose sand to compacted clay and know how to build a retaining wall that will work for you functionally and aesthetically. Whether building a concrete retaining wall, stone wall, treated pine sleeper or brick retaining wall, we build walls for the long term.

Residential retaining walls can be beautiful as well as functional but a faulty retaining wall design can have a disastrous, expensive and even a dangerous effect.

In assessing options for your retaining wall design, Competitive Paving & Landscaping will determine the best method for building your retaining wall.

Some examples being dry stack, mortar, gabion, palisade and cantilever. Posts, wire mesh, interlocking bricks, stones, timber or mortar may be involved in the construction. Wood, timber or treated pine sleeper retaining walls can be used to create horizontal lines and warm tones, stone walls can have a solid dramatic look. And as retaining walls are perfect as feature walls, the design may include stonework, planting and soft scaping to compliment your home. Competitive Paving & Landscaping retaining walls provide many benefits – they create usable space, are a landscape feature and adds value to your home.


Maintaining pavers is essential to keep the pristine presentation of your landscape. A beautiful pavement will add a whole new dimension to an outdoor area. Paver’s require little maintenance and will last a lifetime if they are properly looked after. Maintaining your pavers will surely assist in keeping the appearance and prolonging the usable life of your outdoor living space.

Competitive Paving & Landscaping highly recommend that you seal your pavers once the job is complete, many benefits associated with sealing your pavers, you would be crazy not to!

Competitive Paving & Landscaping will clean your pavers with a whirl away high pressure machine .24hrs later applying two coats penetrating sealer to get the best results, reapply every 5 years.

Competitive Paving & Landscaping are highly trained in sealing & with the knowledge & expertise we have the right sealer to suit your job as there are many sealers on the market. We have been using the same penetrating sealer for over 12 years now, with great feedback from our clients.

Competitive Paving & Landscaping we recommend penetrating sealer & to stay away from surface sealers as they are slippery when wet & wears unevenly which is noticeable.


As timeless treasures in landscape design, water features in your garden create a sensory depth that you see, hear, feel and touch. From simple fountains, natural looking creek beds, reflection ponds, water features are an incomparable asset to your home and lifestyle.

The scope of design is endless with themes and variations in traditional, contemporary, modern and classic styles able to accommodate any size and type of landscape. A water feature can be installed in your backyard, front yard, a small corner of the garden or through the entire garden landscape.

Competitive Paving & Landscaping’s water features are sculptural and adaptable, utilising many materials including clay, brick, concrete, timber, fibreglass, stones, pebbles to carry and accentuate the natural dynamic beauty of water. Shapes and designs can be created for any type of style – for feng shui, traditional, retro or contemporary water features.

Solar powered water features are also popular for the cost benefits. Water, as a living element, changes shape constantly and so needs to be directed for proper flow. Spill ways are an essential element of water features, creating an even flow of water over the water feature’s materials. Spillways can also create a naturalistic effect at the head of waterfalls. With precision and creativity, Competitive Paving & Landscaping integrate spill ways into water features and our installations are also made to be water wise, using eco-friendly water circulation systems for low energy consumption and efficiency. Water features such as ponds and fish ponds can even be beneficial to your garden, keeping mosquitos away and attracting native birds.

The range of colours, sizes, complexity and types of systems in water features are huge. Competitive Paving & Landscaping provide expert advice, design and installation of water features within your budget and time-frame and environmental requirements to compliment your home.

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